BioWare studio decided to share with the community additional information about the upcoming update.

After the official announcement of the large-scale content update “Legacy of the Sith” for Star Wars, which took place in early July: The Old Republic has already been a month and the BioWare studio team decided to share additional information about the upcoming update with the community.

To be more precise, the creators provided details about the system called “Combat Styles”, which is designed to bring a significant variety to the gameplay process, namely, to detach specializations tied to them from classes and thereby provide users with more freedom for character development.

However, there will still be restrictions, since the creators have divided the options available for choosing between those who are able to use Force and those who rely on blasters. By the way, heroes whose worldview does not correspond to the principles of the light or dark side will have the opportunity to unlock access to the fighting styles of the opposite faction.

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