BioWare is already working hard on the continuation of The Dark Descent storyline.

So, while in the vastness of the fantastic Star Wars universe: The Old Republic heroes are searching for Lord Darth Malgus, which began with the release of the update “The Dark Descent”, BioWare studio is already working hard on the continuation of this storyline, and it will become available together with the launch of an update called ” Legacy of the Sith”.As the developers announced, the brave conquerors of the galaxy are waiting for a real military mission ahead, the purpose of which is to take control of a strategically important planet, which in turn will allow to disrupt the insidious plans of the renegade Sith. In addition, thanks to the upcoming instance and raid, users will be able to visit a mysterious mountain tomb and a certain research station, respectively.

The release of ” Legacy of the Sith” will take place towards the end of this year and will be accompanied by the beginning of the celebration of the tenth birthday of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and the celebration will last for the next twelve months.

But in addition, a new era of development is coming for the game itself, because the patch will also bring many improvements. In particular, the mechanics of “Fighting Styles ” will appear, allowing you to make the gameplay more unique, and the capabilities of the character editor will expand. In addition, a number of systems will be recycled.


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