The new part of BioShock is rumored to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive


The next part of the BioShock shooter series can only be released on the PlayStation 5. While 2K Games and Sony have not officially announced any such deals, a new rumor from a well-known insider makes it clear that the Japanese company is planning to expand its library of PS5 exclusives with a new BioShock.

This was stated by the host of the Xbox Era podcast Nick “Speshal_Ed” Baker, with reference to his sources. According to him, Sony is aiming to release BioShock 4 as a PlayStation exclusive.Baker noted that he was not aware of all the details, so he could not say for sure whether BioShock 4 will be a permanent PlayStation exclusive, or temporary. Based on his own assumption, the informant expects that the game will still appear on other platforms, but later.

The Cloud Chamber studio has been producing BioShock 4 since 2019, but there are very few details about the game. According to previously published information, the project will offer a story with an emphasis on characters, an open world and urban crowd system, role-playing elements, as well as a deep dialogue system and side quests. The development of the shooter started on the basis of Unreal Engine 4, but judging by the fresh vacancy, the team recently switched to a new version of the engine – Unreal Engine 5. The release dates have not yet been disclosed.

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