The developers of Biomutant will fix the dialogues, narrator, fights, difficulty, loot and enemies


The creators of Biomutant have announced a fresh update – it should be released “soon enough”. Most likely, it will first appear on PC and then on consoles. The patch will fix bugs and make changes based on community requests.

Along with this, the developers announced work on fixing many controversial elements of the project, including:

  • the pace of the dialogues – now they are too measured;
  • options for the narrator – he is too annoying now;
  • difficulty settings – the game is too easy now;
  • options to disable special effects like depth of field and motion blur;
  • sounds – now the sound balance is out of order (something too quiet, something too loud);
  • battles – now there is not even a recoil from the blows;
  • equipment;
  • behavior of enemies.

Biomutant was released on May 25 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. After long years of waiting, the game disappointed many – on average, it has around 60 points from critics and players, and the record online on Steam quickly dropped. By the weekend, only about 14-20 thousand remained from 55 thousand. Usually on the first weekend, interest in new products at least remains, but Biomutant has lost all enthusiasm.

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