Black Desert Online's new Shai class, plus new expansion

Black Desert Online’s new Shai class has announced, plus new expansion

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Yesterday Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games publisher have announced a new 18th “Shai” class for Black Desert Online, as well as brand-new content, coming along with a new class.


This is one-gender female class that has two type of boomerangs, larger than the Shai herself. She also is equipped with a simple yet effective mobility skill that allows her to weave in and out of fights. For example, she can “play dead” to avoid the attack, place a protective barrier round her pty, and her Lantern sub-weapon reveals nearby stealthed enemies.  Shai begins with professional lvls in both Alchemy and Gathering.

There also will be Shai pre-creation event, starting on June 19th. The trailer, showing new class is available to watch below.

The Great Quest Expansion

“The new islands will ‘ve spesh trade mechanics and players can use one odda new trading-focused ships to transport goods tween islands, making a neat profit inna process. The new islands are easily distinguishable by their unique themes, but finding the correct one will require navigations mastery within the new current and wind mechanics. “

The expansion features:

  • grind zones will ‘ve a balance pass deployed to provide + challenging monsters
  • Life Skills are bein’ retooled to make them “+ rewarding and engaging”
  • the UI is bein’ reworked to be released this summer & to make a “+ cohesive experience tween console and PC versions”
  • the O’dylita region is delayed to allo + time to create a + interesting experience
  • Territory War improvements are almost finished but will not be deployed til changes to Conquest & Node War systems are complete

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