Battlefield 2042: open beta starts in September

Battlefield 2042: open beta starts in September

At EA Play there was some new information about the upcoming Battlefield 2042. In addition to the new portal mode, a release period for the Open Beta has now been announced. This is not far before the release in October.

When does the open beta appear? The open beta should start in September. The timeframe was confirmed during EA Play Live. So you can play for the first time at least one month before the release of Battlefield 2042. That will be released on October 22, 2021. A more precise date is not yet available.With Battlefield 5, the open beta appeared almost 2 months before the release. It is therefore possible that the open test phase for Battlefield 2042 will begin early in September.

How to register: All players can participate in the Open Beta. So far, EA Play subscribers have always been able to start a few days earlier if they pre-order. It is quite possible that it will be similar this time. Finally, EA-Play members can play the full game a week before the release.

What will be available in the open beta? This is currently not known. However, beta phases of earlier offshoots usually offered a fairly similar scope, which is why this may at least give a clue.

This is how it was in Battlefield 5: In the Open Beta of Battlefield 5, two maps were playable. There were also two game modes in the beta at the time, Conquest and Grand Operations. We can also draw clues from the technical game test.

This content has been announced for the game test: The main purpose of the test is to find out how the Battlefield systems cope with 128 players:

  • Conquest mode is played
  • With “Orbital” there is a map
  • You will be able to try out at least 4 of the new specialists
  • Vehicles and airplanes will also be playable.

It is quite conceivable that the Open Beta will offer even more content, since the game test focuses on the technical aspects.

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When does the play test come? That is currently not entirely clear. This was originally supposed to start at the end of July, but was postponed due to crossplay. What is certain is that this test will take place before the open beta.

Battlefield Portal Brings “Declaration of Love to Fans”

This is in Portal: This is a new mode in Battlefield that enables game modes created by the community and also brings content from three great Battlefield classics into the game:

  • Battlefield 3
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Battlefield 2042

You can expect weapons, vehicles, tools and factions from the respective offshoots. There are also two map classics that come in the portal mods.

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