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Battlefield 2042: Insider wants to know the start date of the beta

The date for the Battlefield 2042 Beta seems to have been fixed: The well-known insider Tom Henderson reports on Twitter that the test phase will begin on September 22nd. Then apparently pre-orderers are allowed to make the battlefield unsafe – two days later, all other players. Henderson seems adamant that the date is true. Players might consider the information to be fact. Previously, rumors of an activation on September 4th or 6th made the rounds through the Internet.

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The start of the Battlefield 2042 Beta is probably longer in coming than initially assumed. As the BF insider Tom Henderson, known for his leaks, reports, the beta will be activated on September 22nd. On this day, pre-orderers are apparently allowed to storm the battlefields. All other players may join on September 24th. It is not known where Henderson gets the data from. In a recent Twitter post, however, he expressly writes that it is neither a speculation nor an assumption. Players might consider the Battlefield 2042 Beta information to be a fact.

Even more: Among all users who share the tweet, Henderson wants to raffle ten copies of BF 2042 if the information is not correct. However: Neither DICE nor Electronic Arts have announced an exact date for the Battlefield 2042 beta. Until then, you should therefore use the information with caution.

Another “confirmation” comes from journalist Jeff Grubb. He said during a Giant Bomb show (via VGC) that he could also confirm September 22 as the start date for the test phase.

“This is something I originally heard from Tom Henderson, who is a very good Battlefield leaker. However, I can corroborate that from my sources as well,” says Grubb.

It remains to be seen whether the rumors are confirmed. It also remains to be seen how long the Battlefield 2042 Beta can be played. It is assumed that players can let off steam in the test phase for around a week. Most recently, an Italian dealer reported that the beta will start on September 6th. The German streamer Pietsmiet announced a stream for the Battlefield 2042 beta this Saturday. The full version is due to hit the market on October 22nd.

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