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Back 4 Blood promises “new game mode”

Back 4 Blood has revealed what’s in store for the players – and that’s a lot. Even the free updates sound promising.

When Back 4 Blood launched a few weeks ago, opinions were mixed. While many players like the further development of the “Left 4 Dead”, others are missing certain game modes. Above all, the Versus Co-Op mode is missing.

Why do players want “versus co-op”? Many old “Left 4 Dead” veterans long for a “versus co-op”. This is practically the usual campaign, but players take over the special zombies. A card is always played alternately against each other and which team has made the most progress at the end wins. For many L4D veterans, the PvP campaign is practically the real endgame and has kept the other zombie shooters fresh for years.

It remains to be seen whether this mode will appear sometime in the coming year. It may become part of one of the planned DLCs – and the roadmap is fueling hope for some players.

Back 4 Blood roadmap – what’s next?

Back 4 Blood has also roughly published the roadmap for 2022 and the rest of 2021.

What was announced? A while ago Back 4 Blood shared the rough plan for releasing new content this year and next. Accordingly, there is not only the paid DLC with new campaigns, but also a whole range of “free” updates and innovations. It was announced:

  • November patch: The first major patch with bug fixes and balancing changes. The update is already live, and new hotfixes have been added over and over again in the past few days.
  • December patch: The update in December should be much more extensive. So there is:
  • New features like new supply lines
  • a training ground for the zombies
  • a special Christmas event
  • the possibility of playing the campaign solo and offline – including the campaign progress
  • A new card type
  • Completely new maps – with one of them it will be possible to expand weapon mods from weapons
Updates 2022: In 2022 there should be many more improvements and new changes for everyone. These include:
  • A new level of difficulty
  • New cards for the players
  • New corruption cards
  • New co-op mode
  • Melee update
  • General improvements

The new difficulty should be particularly interesting here. Many yearn for an intermediate stage between “veteran” and “nightmare” – but whether that will really come remains to be seen.

What kind of co-op is that? The biggest question mark is probably the co-op mode. Many hope that this is the much-loved “Versus-Co-Op” – but then the mode would have been more likely to be referred to as PvP mode. A “holdout” mode seems more likely, in which the cleaners with limited resources have to survive against the ridden for a certain time. But what it will ultimately be remains to be seen.

3 story DLCs bring a lot of new content

In addition to the free updates for all players, there are also 3 paid DLCs. Anyone who has bought one of the premium versions of the game already contains the Season Pass for it. The 3 DLCs should all appear in 2022, although there are no exact dates for them yet. The first big DLC ​​is called “Tunnels of Terror”. In addition to new campaign chapters, all 3 major DLCs should also bring other innovations, namely:

  • Additional cleaners
  • New special zombies
  • A new “activity type”
  • New weapons
  • New cards
  • Exclusive skins

Those who enjoy Back 4 Blood can look forward to new content and expansions for the campaign soon. After more and more bugs and teething problems of the release version were removed, there should soon be new and more precise information about the upcoming content.

Are you looking forward to more content in Back 4 Blood? Or are you just waiting longingly for a possible “versus co-op” mode? Do you like Back 4 Blood? Or do you prefer games like Destiny 2 or Outriders?

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