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Back 4 Blood brings solo campaign with progress and new maps

Some also want to play Back 4 Blood solo. The developers listen to it and bring the offline campaign – with progress.

The co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood has been released for a few weeks. And although the game is largely well received, there are still a number of criticisms and problems that need to be fixed. A few wishes of the players are also being implemented.

What is being done? Back 4 Blood will soon have an option to play the game’s campaign solo in offline mode – with progression. Even if this is not defined more precisely, it probably means that in the future players will also be able to earn “Supply Points” on their own. So far this has only been possible in co-op. Supply Points are required to unlock new cards and cosmetics.

There is already a solo mode and all maps are unlocked there, but there is no progress for it. It is not yet clear whether all cards will remain unlocked when collecting supply points in the solo game.

Where does the info come from? There is a public Trello board from the developers of Back 4 Blood. It lists which major problems there are currently, what is being investigated and which wishes are still to be implemented in the future. Some players noticed that the item “Offline Campagne with Progression” has been added and updated in the last few days. Accordingly, the “investigation is completed” and work is now being carried out on the “implementation of the offline campaign including the progression”.

What is still being worked on? However, Back 4 Blood has more plans for the future and wants to bring a number of adjustments, including a new map. The highlights of the upcoming patches therefore include:

  • A card that allows weapon add-ons to be removed from weapons.
  • Improvements for “Ultra Wide” size monitors.
  • A streamer mode that exchanges problematic music.
  • Problems spawning with special zombies.

Apart from that, there are also small bug fixes, such as the strange fact that the offhand weapon is not loaded with ammunition at the beginning of a new map or unusually large groups of special zombies can appear.

Is there more to come? Yes. Back 4 Blood will also be expanded to include 3 paid DLCs over the course of the next year. It should contain new story, new zombie variants and generally more gameplay. However, there should not be a separation of the players. In PvP all content is still accessible or can be earned, while in PvE it is sufficient if one player in the group has the respective DLC – the remaining 3 players can then also access it.

There is no exact date for the patch or the DLCs yet.

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