AxE: Alliance vs. Empire releases new update with pets, increased level cap and new region

AxE: Alliance vs. Empire pets

It’s a known thing when you have a faithful comrad by your side everything becomes way better, and you will have one in Nexon’s recently launched mobile MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs. Empire, which now comes with pets.

Which do you prefer? Normally get adopted cats and dogs or less likely to become a pet dragons? The game has both options, no matter which it is, your companion will stand by your side, wherever your adventures may take you. They’re not only can be cuddled and make you a company; each of them gives its master a boost to a randomly assigned stat. To commemorate the update launch, every player will get one pet for free, others will be available as rewards “from special events or through premium currency.”

Besides the pets, with new update you receive a brand new region, the Valley of Corruption, and the game’s level cap raised to level 100. And if you’re new to AxE, that’s a perfect time to start, since a specific new server has been launched as well, which can help newcomers to dive into the game “by providing extra gold and bonus rewards.” To start your adventure, you need to download AxE from the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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