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The Daybreak Games substudio will launch a massive update of the game PlanetSide 2

So, most recently, the wandering planet of games, Dawn of the game substudio, in Planetside 2 announced that they have plans to release a massive update of the game, which is called the destroyed warp gate. This update should be released soon and should include a lot of new material, including a new narrative that […]

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen will conduct a pre-alpha 5 test

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen wants to test pre-alpha 5 “shakeout” between September 5 and 6, but before that, all the developers from Visionary Realms offered to see what the testers will prepare for. Shakeout will be a gray version of Thronefast. What does it mean?It’s right that many of the terrain features will just […]

Soon we will learn about the new dungeons in ESO

ESO Live, will now include the launch of the Stonethorn community dungeon later. This broadcast is scheduled to take place today at 4 p.m. Eastern time. You won’t be able to join it, but you will be able to join the community managers when they look at the recently released dungeons as part of the […]

The South Korean g-Star gaming convention conversion will go digital

“Last year, more than 2,500 retail visitors networked [digitally, with almost a quarter of a million people participating in 2019], and this year, without travel restrictions, that number is expected to increase significantly. Access to the g-STAR network system can be obtained at a reasonable price, and the platform has been intuitively improved, so that […]

Interesting news about the Hashashin in BDO

Hashashin will get his awakening skills today in Black Desert Online. So, since Hashashin is a popular class among many, it will have access to the following post-patch skills. Paradise splash-quickly close the last gap between Hashashin and a specific enemy to deliver a fatal blow. Constriction-Hashashin can cause sand snakes to constrict and bind […]