The main game designer of Ashes of Creation left his job

Intrepid has announced that Lead Game Designer Jeffrey Bard has left the Ashes of Creation development team. For the last 5 years he has been working on this MMORPG and is now going to continue his journey in the field of virtual reality. Creative Director Stephen Sharif, along with senior designers, will take over Jeff’s […]

You’ll can wake dragons in MMORPG Perfect World

My.Games declared an update of MMORPG Perfect World called “Awakening of Dragons” at Russian servers. West continent and Firmament of Ideality got new locations, Warriors’ and Magicians’ appearance became better. The main novelty is “Dragons Rite”. The plot of the West continent is being continued. Users should find Aida mother and eradicate her confederates. You’ll […]

MMORPG Re: Tree of Savior CBT will take place in Japan

Mobile edition of MMORPG Tree of Savior inbreathed by Raganrok Online’s announce was in far 2016. It was called Tree of Savior Mobile Remake and offered the same content as PC one adapted for mobile phones. There was no news since that time, but we’ve got some novelties in fine. Nexon publisher announced CBT of […]

Bless Unleashed creators are working on Lies of P

Neowiz, Round 8 Studios, presented new dark RPG called Lies of P. Its main feature that it’s being developed by the ones created MMORPG Bless Unleashed. Anyway, we shouldn/t stamp it just because of its developers. It promises to be glorious so we might get an excellent RPG. There’s no approximate release date of Lies […]