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Reign of Darkness will be free.

Almost exactly a year ago (November 20, 2019), the MMORPG Reign of Darkness was released for early access on Steam. And despite positive reviews from players (84%) and good ratings, the game still failed to gain popularity. And as you know, if there are no active players, then there is no money for the development […]

Cloud Imperium Games opened the RSI zone today.

Cloud Imperium Games today opened the RSI zone at the Intergalactic Aerospace exhibition at Star Citizen. The new ship is almost 100 meters long, and the design and armament literally hints at an extremely aggressive attitude of the owner. It even has additional gatlings for self-defense against smaller ships and torpedoes for larger enemies. Like […]

In the first days of winter, the next phase of development of World of Warcraft Classic starts.

In the first days of winter the next phase of development of the MMORPG World of Warcraft Classic starts and the defenders of Azeroth will have the opportunity to go to Naxxramas and fight with Kel’Usedom. At the same time, the invasion of the Scourge forces will begin in the vast fantasy world, although it […]

Hidden announcement of Final Fantasy XIV.

After announcing a certain announcement about the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV planned for February 2021, Square Enix did not forget about the near future of its fantasy world, publishing a story trailer for the upcoming major content update 5.4. It is called “Futures Rewritten” and, in addition to continuing the narrative line, includes the RAID […]

Fixes For Bless Unleashed.

So, for now, Neowiz and Round 8 Studio took note of the community feedback during the first closed beta of Bless Unleashed on PC in September and are working hard to resolve them in time for the second closed beta. According to them, their attention is now focused around the management scheme and the team […]

Mortal Online 2 has launched beta testing.

As it became known, Mortal Online 2 is going to set a world record when the upcoming beta test begins. Record: “largest registered number of players logged in to a single uninstalled server.” 27th to 29th, with servers starting today at 18: 00 UTC (that’s 1pm EST/10 am PST). This is a great way to […]

11 season of the Guild war Albion Online.

As it became known, the 11th season of the Guild war Albion Online starts on December 5, which means that players better be ready to fight for their right to dominate the land. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can immediately storm every territory, so there is a very complex schedule when various elements […]

The launch of Wild Terra 2 has been postponed.

Due to Thanksgiving, vty Worlds has just announced its decision to delay the game’s early access launch until January 28 next year. The game was originally scheduled for release in December, but was pushed back to next year to give developers more time to Refine the game and add additional content. Wild Terra 2 is […]

An update is coming soon for Fallout 76 Steel Dawn.

Let’s start today with some good news. As it turns out, the originally planned teel Dawn update brings the Brotherhood of Steel to Fallout 76. It was supposed to be on December 1, and now it’s out.As the team says, all because of a bug that allowed box players to download the update earlier, Bethesda […]