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Guild Wars 2 is waiting for the continuation of the final episode of season 5.

Next week, Guild Wars 2 players will continue the final episode of Season 5 of Living History. The final events of the ice saga gradually reach the climax of the plot narrative, bringing more and more destruction to the lands of Tyria. 3 new response missions will be available in Caledon Forest, Bloodtide Coast, and […]

Destiny 2 community has doubled the size of the team.

So, the Destiny 2 community has doubled the size of the team to handle the most challenging content in the game, discovering a large one that allows 12 Guardians to join Raids, Night Fights, and Dungeons. The failure requires precise timing to execute, with two fire groups joining together with precise coordination. When two groups […]

Pearl Abyss is hosting a party of special splendor.

Since the launch of Black Desert Online in the west, 5 years have passed and Pearl Abyss is hosting a party of special splendor. The MMO developer is hosting a live stream today to celebrate this milestone, as well as giving a sneak peak in the new dungeon coming to the MMO. To mark this […]

The launch of Bless Unleashed is slightly delayed.

Apparently, the launch of the PC version of Bless Unleashed is slightly delayed, as the Round 8 studio announced plans to hold another, already the third, closed test of the project. According to the developers themselves, the feedback they received after the January PTA showed the team the need to devote more time to work […]

Update Call to Arms in Albion Online.

So, the new update in Albion Online is called Call to Arms. Actually, players will have to prepare for a completely redesigned faction war. And accordingly, a completely new playable faction, new mounts, and much more were added. What will give us and what does the Call to Arms update represent in general? So, this […]

Neverwinter announced the release of the announced update “Sharandar”.

After a short delay, the developers of Neverwinter announced the release of the previously announced major content update “Sharandar“, which marked the beginning of a new story campaign consisting of three consecutive episodes, made like”The Redeemed Citadel”. The first stage of this narrative line is called “The Iron Tooth” and offers adventurers to visit the […]

Ashes of Creation announced Guild Gathering.

The developers of Аshes of Creation-Intrepid Studios, finally announced a new series of communities called Guild Gathering. This Guild Gathering series will be similar to their Dev Discussions series, in which the team asks a question to the community and gets feedback. This series will be specifically dedicated to guilds, as evidenced by the name […]

There are 2 new heroes in Black Desert Mobile.

In Black Desert Mobile, there are 2 new heroes, with whom the game goes further into ranged combat. She got into the game yesterday, Archer and Fletcher.Ranged heroes comes with today’s patch, which also contains many bug fixes and more for the mobile MMO. The two given classes have longer range damage, although each is […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Begins to Unlock Characters for Flames of Ambition.

So, we’re getting closer to the upcoming March release of The Flames of Ambition DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, where the ZeniMax team begins to pull back the veil of some characters, starting with Dremora, Lyranth. Flame of Ambition launches on PC, Mac and Google Stadia on March 8, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox […]