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Ashes of Creation’s creative director apologized for his comment

MMORPG New World’s shop caused numerous discussions in the community. Despite the developers said that the shop will include just cosmetic elements at the beginning, some of users sure that the game will have Pay-to-Win-elements. Stephen Sharif, the general Ashes of Creation’s director, has also commented this situation. He wrote a sarcastic commnent at the […]

New World’s shop will have just cosmetic objects at the time of release

A meaningful leak happened while MMO New World alpha testing. It showed users shop’s assortment, namely some boosts except for cosmetic things. They can help users to reduce the time required to level up and earn trading experience. Indignation from the players didn’t keep itself waiting. Particulary Reddit abounds the posts dedicated to the importance […]

Updates’ road map for Final Fantasy XIV have been published

MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV’s creators shared detailed map including future updates and events plans and with us. It shows the players what they should be ready for in period from upcoming patch release 5.55 to widescale update Endwalker launch. It includes next: 5.55 update on the 25th of this month; Make it Rain Campaign event […]

Grand addition to MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV release date and opened pre-order

Square Enix announced exact date of  Endwalker – giant Final Fantasy XIV’s update release. It is the 23rd of November, but users having pre-order will be available to start using it on the 19th. Update will be available on PC, Playstation 4 and 5. You can buy any of two publications right now. Typical one […]

MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis CBT

Closed beta testing of PC edition of MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis have officially started. Users registered in Xbox Insiders Hub can participate in it. If you have an invitation, a game client is available to download via Microsoft Store (Windows 10). The participants will earn different awards for some actions. There’re them: […]

Enlisted offers new maps and missions’ aims in its last update

Multiplayer shooter Enlisted’s creators shared to us some novelties of the next large update. New missions for every team will be added. It’s also planned to introduce mechanics of the additional aims which makes the winning easier. Summary there’re three maps: The first one is the Forestry called May (Moscow Battle). This location is Soviet […]

Two beta tests of Sword of Legends Online dates are known

Gameforge announced exact dates and time of closed beta testings of west edition of MMORPG Sword of Legends Online. There are going to be held two parts of test: The first one is from the twenty-first to the twenty-fifth of May; The second one is from the first to the eighth of June. The users […]

Mobile MMORPG Ni No Kuni has exact release date

Netmarble told us about its plans last month. It’s going to release a mobile MMORPG Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds in five asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Macau (China). Finally, the director confirmed exact release date — it is the 10th of June. Preregistration is available at the official […]

The price of copying the character in WoW Classic will be almost twice less

The players will get a choise of how to behave themselves right after pre-patch of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic release. On the one hand, they can move their character to the addition. On the other hand, there’s the ability to leave him at WoW Classic. The developers added a special service which lets […]

Final alpha-version of New World update made many changes

MMORPG New World’s alpha version have got the last update before closed beta-testing is started. It brought two fresh expeditions called Shattered Obelisk & Depths. Users of the thirty-fifth level can go to the expedition “Shattered Obelisk” which is situated at the Everfall territory. They will go deeper to Amrin temple in order to reveal […]