Atlas presents new public test server and new ‘megapatch’

Atlas presents new public test server and ‘megapatch’ with variety of modes

mmo atlas

Wildcard’s already released pirate MMO Atlas came to a new stage early this week: It’s got a public test field finally.

“It’s here! Our Public Test Realm is now live and ready for all of you to dive into,” the Grapeshot substudio published on Steam. “This Captain’s Log will cut straight to it and provide more detail on our new claiming systems along with some information on our PTR. We appreciate your patience as we prepared this megapatch to go out on the PTR: Atlas 1.5 is an ambitious new chapter and we recognize that it has taken us some time, but as we’ve said before, we’re hardened adventurers and we’re looking forward to the fun and challenges that we’ll experience alongside you!”

Speaking of “megapatch”, it includes three modes: Colonies PvP set at smaller cliques, Empires PvP set at crowded cliques, and PvE set at PvE players. The PTR itself inherits the Colonies mode, with the PvE version that yet is waiting its launch. The patch notes detail the point scale players will gain in to claim and make their adjustments in the different modes.

What about the PTR’s receiving yet? The Atlas subreddit seems like a disaster, a little. There’s not so much indignation over this title, but casual players look satisfied with the breakdown.


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