Atlas finally has a fix.

Good news for Atlas players on Xbox consoles. Finally, there is a fix that most likely players will want to pay attention to. The problem relates to data corruption, which affects consol.

Here’s how the team commented on it:
“we are releasing a new fix that will address the issue of data corruption on the Xbox platform.This is just a repackaging of a fix that was made last week on November 9, which means you can now go back to your characters. …but we think it’s fair to say that this is still a long way off. Atlas has many bugs and systems that need to be optimized / improved. Once we do that, we can expand into that kind of territory. “

This answer also addressed bug fixes and optimization before adding new features.

There should also be a new email from the producer soon, so be sure to keep an eye on it when the email is posted. In recent news, the Atlas got erased as the trading market recently received a new update. The patch also addressed crafting, market changes, resource changes, sea FORTS, ships, warehouses, various changes, and known issues.

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