At Star Wars: The Old Republic has released something new.

Many people remember those very words from Star Wars: The Old Republic, which they teased us with. If you don’t remember them, it’s okay, I can remind you. “You don’t know the face of true power. But you will, and very soon. You will.”SWTOR has a new storyline, namely the Echoes of Oblivion update. BioWare tweeted information about the patch from Friday’s live broadcast of cantina, and also posted a one-minute story prologue for the patch.

By the way, there was a stream recently, so I advise you to watch it.


” The game’s 6.2 update marks the potential return of the galaxy’s greatest evil, ” BioWare said. – Jedi Kira Karsen and Sith Lord beach finally found the ship that SATEL and her students were on. Join them and other allies in solving the mystery of the disappearance of this ship.”

In addition to the expanded storyline, update 6.2 will add a spirit of Vengeance flashpoint, login rewards, and an emotion window. And as a friendly PSA, you can use the code ” Livestreamcantina2020” on your SWTOR account to unlock some free mounts — but only if you use it by next Friday.

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