Astellia Maintenance Today Brings Tulie Patch


Astellia Online has maintenance scheduled for today at 12p PDT, during which time the Tulie patch will go live.

Maintenance is set to last until 4p PDT today. The Tulie patch was previewed earlier and contains details for Tulie, dubbed the City of Forgotten Time, in addition to gameplay tweaks and more. First up, here are some gameplay notes:

  • Players can access the Tulie’s Main Quest after completing Miodan’s Main Quest
  • Enjoy the story of Virgo, the Keeper of Stars, and Euria’s tragedy
  • New fields and dungeons are added.
  • The playstyle of Tulie’s new field(s) will change depending on the day of the week
  • New Astels ‘Virgo, the Successor of Stars’ and ‘Corvus of Purity’
  • The above Astels can only be obtained for a limited time in Tuile
  • Players can obtain Tier 2 Equipment and enhanced Karza Treasure by continuously playing in Tuile

Stat changes are also mentioned for Gladiator, Assassin, Phantom, Avenger, Bounty Hunter, Hawkeye, and Ranger. Keep in Mind that stat changes for Cleric, Wizard, Sorceror, and Witch will occur in June. The patch also contains skill changes for Warrior, Archer, and Assassin.

Known issues in this patch include the Mage (Sorcerer’s) Awakened Skill, called Weaken, only obtainable at level 3. The team is aware of the issue, and is currently working to resolve.

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