Ashes of Creation's Scientific Nodes: new features

Ashes of Creation’s Scientific Nodes: what to expect?

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Continuing its expertise of the Ashes of Creation Node System, the developer’s team has brought out a new post that is about some unique type: Scientific Nodes. It is a node type that is very different from others. Scientific Nodes show up in three locations across the game reality, especially around areas that “focus the Essence” that flows throughout. These nodes will feature “sprawling questlines and rewards for crafters, gatherers” and others.

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Those who wish for specializing in Artisanship and Construction mechanics will profit from Scientific Nodes and the NPC merchants. The missions that show up will “allow specialization in the Gathering, Processing, and Crafting aspects of the Artisan system”.

Improving Scientific Nodes will release a special construction, The Library at Level 3.

At the Village Stage, the Scientific Node’s Unique Building is the Library, which writes the server history. Players will be able to use the Library to get information, such as:

  • History of narrative events and when they occurred
  • Locations and inhabitants of new Dungeons or POIs (Points of Interest) that have spawned
  • Common armor and weapon recipes (Level 25 and under)
  • Locations and last known quantity of gatherable resources
  • Runic Power Stones for armor

Ultimately, the construction can transform into a whole College at Level 4 (Town Stage), a University at Level 5 (City Stage), and an Academy at Level 6 (Metropolis Stage). Every attained Level will give access to a diversity of gifts and perks for the immediate vicinity.

Well, academic studies aren’t all what Scientific Nodes offers. There’s always the a teleportation that can be achieved at Level 6.

See all of the details on the Ashes of Creation site.

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