Ashes of Creation's director apologized for his comment

Ashes of Creation’s creative director apologized for his comment

MMORPG New World’s shop caused numerous discussions in the community. Despite the developers said that the shop will include just cosmetic elements at the beginning, some of users sure that the game will have Pay-to-Win-elements.

Stephen Sharif, the general Ashes of Creation’s director, has also commented this situation. He wrote a sarcastic commnent at the game’s official Discord-channel:

“I really like the statement about including new items of “life quality” to the game such as “ExpErieNce BoOsts and ProfEsSion SkiLl bOoOOsts”. But there’s nothing can influence competitional game’s aspects…??!?! What are you doing, Amazon? I was really flattered they inspired by some of mine development… but, frankly speaking… who the hell decided to do this?? I just want a new blood in this genre”

He found support in many users, but decided to apologize later. As he said, he had written those comment feeling himself as a player and had promised don’t behave this way:

“I see my comment unprofessional too and try¬† to keep my emotions inside discussing questions important for me. It can be difficult sometimes, because I was happy because of their MMO and its contribution to the game world which really needs smash projects.

I also think that cosmetics and subscription is a good way of earning money to sustentate updates in MMORPG. I’m not against for b2p, but all of us know it causes high entry barrier. And we know what pay-to Win brings. I find subscription with just cosmetic shop the most optimal.”

Users mostly sided with the director saying he became closer to them and such words were okay for him.

The first phase of the closed Ashes of Creation alpha testing will last from the 14th of July to the 13th of August. Preview test precedes it (from the 9th to the 11th of July).

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