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Ashes of Creation’s Alpha One has been postponed.

As sad as it is, Ashes of Creation’s Alpha One has been postponed from April to June 1.

As we first wanted, the preview will take place from March 19 to March 26, but the full-scale alpha version will take place from April 6 to May 6. But, unfortunately, in a recent letter to the community, the creative director announced that the dates had changed.

Stephen Sharif-Creative Director cites several problems that the team encountered during the February testing. They have spent the last few weeks looking into these issues and addressing them accordingly. They concluded that additional polishing was needed to make the Alpha One as smooth as possible.

So, new dates:

  • Alpha One Preview Spot Testing: March 19 – June 1 (NDA)
  • Open to all Brave and Intrepid Package Holders
  • Alpha One Preview: May 14 – May 21 (Without NDA)
  • Open to all Alpha One testers and official content creators
  • Alpha One: June 1 – June 30 (Without NDA)
  • Open to all Alpha One testers and official content creators.

And a conclusion from the creative director:

“As much as our team strives to open the floodgates for you at Verra, we ultimately believe this is the right decision to make sure that everyone can test the features we’d like to focus on during Alpha One, and the performance reflects the insights we’ve gained through these preliminary tests.”

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