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Ashes of Creation answered a question about the character.

Well, in case you missed it, the Ashes of Creation community team has confirmed the deep nature of the character creator. What can we expect?

The discussion itself was formed in a post on the forum, where one of the participants asked about the creation of the alpha-1 character, specifying the initially limited number of customization options. Lieutenant Toast of the team gave the answer:

– hello! As some others in this thread have already pointed out, our plan is to provide you with a fairly in-depth character creator, and the options you’ve seen so far are just an early preview of the presets for Alpha One! I would definitely recommend staying with us for a more in-depth look at the character creator as we get closer to having you help us check it out.”

So, really, that checking the linked page takes us to the Character Creation Wiki page, which shows players cosmetic items, colorable items, and more. This will include beards, body types, hair options, facial hair, skin color, and a few more customization options. Follow the live broadcast this Friday.

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