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Ashes of Creation Alpha One Game Testing.

So, today is the day when, after several delays, the serious game testing of Ashes of Creation Alpha One begins.

The Alpha One test was postponed from April of this year to June 1. However, Alpha One received another delay from June to July 14. The reason for the delay was the release of several other MMO extensions, such as Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood and World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic.

If you want to participate in the Alpha One test, you need to purchase the adventure pre-order package. If you haven’t bought it yet, you still have a chance to part with $ 500 for a pre-order package before August 13. As for what testing of the Alpha One game will entail, it will last until August 13, so you will have a month to connect and familiarize yourself with the content. Alpha One is set up to stress test server deployments in addition to player parallelism. In addition, features such as the node system, experience collection, looting, party systems, caravans and much more will be tested.

The Alpha One website also includes frequently asked questions. If you want to participate, please note that the NDA has been removed. Earlier it was noted that only the oral NDA was canceled. But as of the Alpha-1 preview last weekend, all the NDAs have been lifted.

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