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ArenaNet distributes plot episodes in the real world.

So, while End of Dragons, the upcoming expansion for Guild Wars 2, has been postponed until 2022, this does not prevent ArenaNet from distributing plot episodes in the real world to prepare players. Rising Flames will get the tab this week, as it will be free from July 6 to 11.

This release, titled “The End of Dragons” , was postponed last week from the end of 2021 to 2022, but players are still preparing for the expansion and working on the existing narrative. Rising Flames is the next story about the Living World, which will be provided to players for free. Originally launched back in September 2016, Rising Flames invites players to travel to the Ring of Fire Islands to deal with “growing threats”.”

“The Minister-legate Kaudek has escaped, the ancient mursaat Lazar the Terrible has risen, and the Elder Dragon Primordus is stirring under Tyria’s feet. Go to the deadly Ring of Fire Islands and find out what you can use against the growing threats.”

And while this week’s marquee announcement is the episode “Free Living World,” this week’s PvP tournament has been detailed, listing various deathmatch matches and dates in the Citadel. In addition, on July 11, the Legends Tournament starts at 11 am Pacific Time/2 pm Eastern time. But last week, Guild Wars 2: The End of Dragons was postponed to 2022, citing “real-world problems” as the main reason for postponing the upcoming expansion release. The End of Dragons brings players back to Kanta, and although the game itself may have been postponed, the upcoming live broadcast will still take place on July 27 for those interested in an early introduction to the upcoming story.

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