ArenaNet continues to introduce Guild Wars 2 players to interesting features.

Well, ArenaNet studio continues to introduce Guild Wars 2 players to interesting features of the End of Dragons add-on. This time we will learn about a completely new style of playing for the Necromancer class.

Harbinger is the second elite specialization of the add-on, which was shown to fans of the game. Some necromancers have always been separated by a thin line from corruption, absorbing vital energy to fuel their magic. But the harbinger’s methods are even more dangerous. These experienced alchemists have developed elixirs to summon filth upon themselves, turning their own pain into strength. Harbinger uses a pistol to destroy enemies with poisonous caustic bullets. From 17 to 21, players will have the opportunity to take part in the beta event and try Harbinger together with the already announced Virtuoso and another as yet unknown elite specialization. To do this, you do not need to buy the End of Dragons add-on, the developers will provide access to everyone. You will find more information in our previous material.

Also on August 13, there will be a stream where the ArenaNet team will demonstrate the gameplay for the first 3 elite specializations, including Virtuoso and Harbinger. End of Dragons will be the third large-scale addition to Guild Wars 2. Players will be able to go to Kanta in February 2022.

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