Arena Net is finally giving players a chance to catch up on the Live World content in Guild Wars 2.

As of yesterday, Arena Net is finally giving players a chance to catch up on the Live World content in Guild Wars 2 ahead of the next big expansion, End of Dragons, by giving away episodes of the content for free until June 22.

This content will be distributed in waves, starting with the first two episodes today, and two new episodes will be released weekly until June 22. Essentially, Guild Wars 2 is giving away years of free content to attract players to the upcoming End of Dragons expansion.

The first two episodes, Gates of Maguuma and Entanglement, will be available for players to unlock until May 31. From now on, each week, new content will be available in the order in which it was originally released. However, the episodes are only free for their weekly period, so you’ll need to jump in every week to get the content.

“Starting on May 25, episodes of The Living World will be in the spotlight in chronological order. Episodes can be unlocked for free during Spotlight Week, and we’ll be updating them with new achievements. Complete all the achievements of the 2nd and 3rd season of the new Living world to get a voucher for weapons-the predecessor of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. When the expansion launches, you can redeem it and start creating your own legendary third-generation weapons.”

All this leads to the upcoming completion of the Guild Wars 2 expansion “Dragons”, the first look at which will take place on July 27. This stream is expected to delve into history and surround the expansion, including the land of Kanta. Guild Wars 2 recently dipped its hooks back into our columnist Robin, who has found her desire to play it waning in the last month.

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