ArcheAge update 7.5.3.

Continuing to release regular content updates for the  ArcheAge, the game developers have installed patch 7.5.3 on Korean servers, the main feature of which is new stages for two events – the Offensive of the Bloody Army and the Ghost Legion. In addition, there are new engravings, the list of skills of the branch of Madness has been expanded, changes have been made to the dungeon system and the interface has been adjusted.

“The Blood Army Offensive now has seven stages. The first three stages are standard. The fourth stage is a pass-through, and is taken as a new quest for 3 DZ, in which you need to kill two usurpers. The fifth stage: the necromancer tower appears, which must be destroyed within two minutes. If you manage to destroy the tower, then the quest for the fifth stage is automatically taken, in which you need to kill twenty demons and elite warriors of the blood army. In the Sunfields, instead of this quest, you need to kill Antallon. Stage six: Elite demons and Gildaron. The seventh stage is only available in the Sunfields, a new boss “Shadow of the Void Demon” appears.”

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