Apex Legends: trailer showed us Valkyrie's abilities

Valkyrie’s abilities from new Apex Legends were shown

As a tradition, another legendary character will be added to the new Apex Legends’ “the Royal Battle” season. As was announced, it’ll be famous Apex predator Gyurza’s daughter called Valkyrie. Developers have posted a new trailer demonstrating this character’s abilities. Here they are:

– GDP engines (passive skill). Valkyrie’s jump pack may be used in order to change place quickly or to attack the enemy from high. Fuel’s amount is limited, but replenishes over time.

– Rocket swarm (tactical skill). You’re able to bring down a great swarm of mini-rockets on the enemy. They’re not only damage, but also disorient him.

– Sky jump (special skill). Take off and overcome great distance to move to another point of the map. Your allies can join the flight using the special take-off system.

Except for new legend, “Legacy” season will give us permanent battle mode “Arena”, composite bow “Bocek”, updated Olympus Map, new battle pass and more.

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