Apex Legends season 5 reveals Kings Canyon map changes

Apex Legend’s season 5 already gave us an idea of what to expect, as a glimpse on the new character, Loba too. What was newly showed is the Kings Canyon along with some skins expectations of this season.

A mountainside base appears to be replacing the area that was once Skull Town due to Loba’s misadventures.

With the new area of the map we are getting a new PvE mode. Players will get the opportunity to “uncover the mystery”. Rayme Vinson who is Apex Legends designer said in a blog post that Treasure Pack will unlock weekly Hunt missions while a secret relic will give players a special reward if they collect all nine pieces.

At last, players will get brief snippets of new skins for characters like Mirage and Bangalore. A very complicated-looking Wingman also shows up in a trailer that was uploaded.

Along with the new character Loba, new changes will be released Apex Legends season 5, which begins, on 12th of May.

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