Apex Legends: Rampart Changes in Season 10

Apex Legends’ design director Jason McCord answered players’ questions about the Rampart legend and gave details on what kind of changes await the hero in Season 10.

Rampart was added in Season 6 and almost immediately, users felt all its weaknesses. Nevertheless, this legend was used in esports tournaments, where it performed well in some picks. But even her “mainers” believe that it is necessary to increase the efficiency of this character.

Jason listened to the requests and highlighted some interesting ideas to strengthen the legend:

  • Expanding the turning area of ​​the minigun is Rampart’s ultimate.
  • The passive ability that increases magazine capacity and reload speed will apply to all weapons, not just LMGs.
  • The active ability of Rampart, which creates barricades, will not let opponents through the glass. For now, you can just jump over the protective window.

McCord also noted that this is not yet an exact list of changes, so all the details will appear closer to the release of season 10.

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