Apex Legends now has dragons looting players and called “Flyers”

apex legends dragons

There are dragons in Apex Legends, so they don’t belong only to Skyrim and Game of Thrones now.

As pointed out by PCGamer, dataminers previously found mention of flying enemies in the game’s code. Dragons were also seen at the end of Apex Legends’ Season 2 teaser during EA Play at E3.


They’re referred to as “Flyers” within the game and they’re flying across the map with loot of their talons. You can shoot them out of the sky, as within the video under, and pillage the chests that include loot from folks in your Apex Legends associates checklist.

Players spotted Flyers hanging high above the map several weeks earlier, but they have always kept to themselves… until now.

Though added in stealthily before the coming update, it might not a total surprise that Flyers have appeared. As PCGamer notes, some data miners such as Shrugtal previously found images and art in the game suggesting they would become a thing.

We will probably know more about the beasts in a few weeks when Season 2 launches.

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