Apex Legends' new quests features PvE battles and a hunt

Apex Legends’ New Quests and Hunts

It has been a while since it was announced that “quests” are coming in fifth season of Apex Legends, Fortune’s favor, but it wasn’t revealed how exactly the will work until now. Recently a trailer for season five was released, as well as the first quest. The search for a mysterious artifact is called The Broken Ghost.

Players will get the opportunity to collect Treasure Packs and the ability to take part in weekly Hunts. All together there are 45 Treasure Packs. Don’t forget that you will be able to collect only one per day.

Weekly Hunts are were the real fun begins. Hunts are going to be “quick and dangerous.” You will have the choice to play solo or in a team. The main goal is to reach your location and find the item you are looking for while Prowlers are everywhere.

The first hunt is taking place on May 19 and then they will be releasing one per week. Each time a player unlocks a Hunt he will be able to replay it anytime. After completing a Hunt, player gets a weapon charm and unlocks a new chapter of The Broken Ghost.

When season five begins, all the players will get a prologue chapter to get more details.

The best part of all the written above is that Apex Legends, season 5, begins already tomorrow.

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