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Apex Legends: Many find the new Halloween mode stupid

In Apex Legends, the Halloween mode Shadow Royale has been playable again since the beginning of the week. The mode has been expected for a long time, but the developers have probably failed to implement it. This annoys some fans, even though they like the mode itself.

What is the Halloween mode? Shadow Royale is the name of the Halloween mode in Apex Legends and it brings an exciting innovation into the game.

Whoever dies here is reborn as a shadow. Shadows can only make melee attacks. On the other hand, they are incredibly fast, can do double jumps and even run along walls. Anyone who knows Titanfall knows what to expect.

The mode first came into play in 2020 and was eagerly awaited this year as well. But somehow the worm was in this year, because the developers did not bring the mode in a way that appealed to the fans. This is all the more curious since the mode itself is still well received.

In Apex Legends, the eagerly awaited new season 11 will start soon. It’s the full program, including a new map, a new legend and a new SMG boom. It starts on November 2nd.

Mode comes too late, too short and too buggy

What is bothering the players? The first big point of criticism is also one that gamers noticed at the beginning of October. Because although you could spend a lot of money on rather boring skins at the beginning of the month, the Shadow Royale game mode was only available in the last week of October.

Anyone who was looking forward to the new mode had to wait. Worse still, the mode ends after a week, because Season 11 in Apex Legends will start on November 1, 2021.

To make things even more annoying, even before the release of the mode, daily challenges appeared that explicitly required killing opponents in Shadow Royale. Great thing if the mode didn’t even exist that day. For committed players who like to close everything, that’s an imposition.

It is even more annoying that the current challenges only affect the arena mode and not the shadow royale mode. So if you want to grind rewards, you will first be forced to play a completely different mode. In addition, the arena mode, which is not well received by all fans.

What could be the reason? All in all, this year’s Halloween event seems to have been neglected by the developers. It seems like somehow you just want to knock the event out because it’s Halloween. Neither the skins nor the game mode picked up fans this year.

But this could also be due to the fact that the 11th season in Apex Legends will start on November 1st, 2021. And she has the talent! In addition to the obligatory new legend and weapon, there will now be the 4th map on which you can let off steam.

So it may well be that the internal resources at Respawn were distributed in such a way that the new season is ready for launch, and something came under the wheels of Halloween.

And in the end, a week of Halloween mode is still better than nothing. Or do you see it differently?

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