Apex Legends introduces the new hero Seer

Apex Legends introduces the new hero Seer

In Apex Legends, the new hero Seer has now been introduced with a chic trailer and a reveal of his skills and role in the game. It can already be said that the new hero will be extremely useful, but that doesn’t go down well with all players.

What can Seer do? In the upcoming season 10 of Apex Legends there will be a new hero known as “Seer”. That means “seer” and the name says it all. The new hero can do one thing above all else: track down opponents and reveal them to the team. His skills are as follows:

  • Seer’s passive ability is a heartbeat sensor that he attaches to his weapons. This allows him to track down enemies at close range, even through walls. But you have to aim your weapon to do this.
  • Its active ability is a swarm of drones. It flies around, reveals opponents and pursues them for some time.
  • Seer’s Ulitmate creates a large ball of drones that reveal everything inside, as long as you don’t walk very slowly.

Seer becomes very powerful, but that doesn’t suit everyone.

How useful could Seer get? Seer’s skills sound very useful in theory. Because even the very similar hero Bloodhound is popular in the current season and education is something that every team can use. Especially Seers Ultimate could often mean the difference between victory and defeat in the arena and in the cramped conditions in the endgame. Seer should quickly climb to the top of the lists in Apex Legends Season 10.

How is the hero received by the fans? While most fans recognize the usefulness of Seer, some annoy that the developers prefer to bring in a superior new Scout hero rather than buff the existing heroes of the genre. Above all, the hero Crypto, who works with remote-controlled drones, is criticized by many players because it is difficult to play meaningfully.

Other players, on the other hand, hate it anyway to be constantly uncovered by Bloodhound and expect with horror that there will soon be another legend with such skills. Others would have preferred to have another healer, as this role is currently only performed by Lifeline. But how the new hero arrives at the end and fits into the meta of the game, we will only see at the start of Season 10 on August 3, 2021. Will it be as good as Season 9?

You can see Seer and his skills in the new trailer. As usual from Apex Legends, it has once again become a real masterpiece.

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