Apex Legends survives through cheaters’ attack, the new dev blog

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev diary has had a new update past week. The subject of the post has become the game cheaters and how Respawn Entertainment team has been trying to rid the game of them. Devs also promised players to roll out a more detailed update soon. The update is already here: they’ve posted a new dev blog in which Project Lead Drew McCoy explains what actually they’ve done to cut off deceivers and what the outcome is.

 “While we’ve already rolled out several updates (and will continually doing so for the foreseeable future), others will take time to fully implement. We are attacking this from every angle: from improvements in detecting cheaters, to bolstering resources and tools, to improving processes and other sneaky things to combat sellers and cheaters.”

It seems like they’ve still got lots of stuff to deal with, but we already can see some actual results. With the recently integrated reporting tool they have received a huge amount of players’ reports about suspicious activity. For now it’s around 770,000 cheaters in ban, add to it more than 4,000 cheat-seller accounts banned through the last 20 days.

It always require huge efforts to take down cheaters, no matter what online game it is, but Respawn is seemingly doing a lot of work to put the situation in to the end. We only can wish them good luck and hope for better times to come to that game’s routine.

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