Anthem Update Fixes Legendary Runner Issue

Good news for Anthem players out there, EA has release a patch that will fix weekly challenges not rewarding players with precious loot.

The Weekly Legendary Runner, Challenge was supposed to give a player 2,000 coins as a reward and add to the monthly count of challenges. The bug was that after players had completed this mission, it would have failed to give out any reward for any future runs of the same challenge in following weeks; And because of this challenge not counting in monthly challenges some players were unable to unlock their monthly challenges, which you might know is a miss on a Masterwork Ember, a crafting reagent for Javelin armor and weapons.

But, if you are one of those who has finished or attempted to complete the challenge several times, EA will be tracking your progress and give out rewards for each completion. Rewards should appear in-game, if not make sure you contact Anthem support.


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