Anthem update 1.1.1: Elysian Caches is taken away, a bunch of small issues fixed

Anthem Elysian Caches

A new Anthem update 1.1.1 has released yesterday and removed Elysian Caches from the end of Strongholds.

Elysian Caches Removing

As Bioware said before, this expansion was a temporary feature, so players should have been prepared. Although, there’s always a possibility, that Elysian Caches will be brought back.

The reason is, there are 162 items in Elysian Caches, most of them are not cosmetic and there are no armor pieces amongst them. The rest of drops are almost useless bundles of crafting materials, majority of players will never apply. However, there’s still something, and consider these are not the best times for Anthem (since the community is actively mutinying), removing Elysian Caches is still a wrong thing to do, no matter how small the expansion is.

Other Update Changes

The update 1.1.1 delivers lots of new tweaks. Weapon and components stat values displaying wrong were fixed, an issue with how suit power level was being calculated is also solved, problems with French and Spanish dialogue audio in the Sunken Cell is corrected.

The patch itself came out small, since the dev team is in work on some bigger things to release.

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