Anthem Pilot Level Rewards and Detailed Pre-load & Release Schedule

Anthem pilot leveling

Anthem release is around the corner, and we get new information regarding Pilot leveling and preload schedule. We provide Anthem boosting services for your needs – powerleveling, gearing, strongholds and more.

Pilots level up by earning experience points. At various levels, a variety of awards are unlocked, including Forge slots, match comsumables, and new javelins.

Level 2 – New Javelin

Level 4 – Weapon slot

Level 6 – Basic Component Slot

Level 8 – Consumables Slot

Level 10 – Support Slot

Level 12 – New Javelin

Level 14 – Minor Component Slot

Level 16 – Major Component Slot

Level 18 – Consumable Slot

Level 20 – New Javelin

Level 22 – Basic Component Slot

Level 24 – Minor Component Slot

Level 26 – Comsumable Slot

Level 28 – New Javelin

Level 30 – Major Component Slot

Level 30 – Grandmaster Difficulties


Anthem Pre-load and Release Schedule

Anthem Pre-load for Origin PC and Playstation 4 will be available Feb 13 6.00PM UTC (London time) / Feb 13 1.00PM EST (New York time). Xbox One players can already pre-load the game

Players with EA/Origin Premier will have unlimited early access and Xbox EA Access / Origin basic owners can play for 10 hours before World Launch.

Early access starts February 14 10.30 PM UTC (London time) / Feb 14 5.30 PM EST (New York time)

Global World launch time on February 22: 5.00 AM UTC / 12.00 AM EST

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