Anthem loses its leaderships, developers are leaving the team, Reddit is full of fans’ disappointment

anthem devs leave

Anthem’s dev team lose its members one after another – not that good news for players who wanted some pieces recently.

The Dismission of Dev Crew

So, several senior leaderships are not going to work on the game anymore. Reddit was flooded with the moans of disappointment, as three of the leads, producer Michael Gamble, executive producer Mark Darrah, and director Jonathan Warner, have officially stated on Twitter that they have left their seats.

Of course, the game is still in work, well, at least Gamble tweeted so. This is not the very end, folks, no panic. We won’t consider this as a good sign too, actually it gives birth to a strong lack of trust in the game’s future amongst the players. Sorry, but this is how things go for now. Although, we advise you to hold your hope for better news.

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