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Announcement of the Neverwinter update.

The developers of the  Neverwinter decided to start 2021 with the announcement of the next content update and reported that at the moment their team is working on a large-scale patch called “Sharandar”.

In it, the brave heroes who have already managed to help the elves of Ilienbruen protect Fairwild, will again go to this area and again fight back the impending evil, but this time the location will be completely updated, and users will meet a new storyline, social center and various activities. The story itself is divided into three episodes, the first of which – “The Iron Tooth” – will allow you to visit the ruins of Malabog and the dungeon “Vault of Stars”.

The official release of the PC version of “Sharandar” will take place on February 9, and owners of consoles will have the opportunity to dive into a similar adventure exactly a month later, on March 9.


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