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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Finally New Update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can expect a major update-Kofi’s Café is coming to the island. After a long dry spell, Nintendo has finally announced new content for the cute life simulation for Nintendo Switch. As the publisher confirms in the current Direct episode, the update release is planned for November this year. A detail about the new content is already available: With the patch, Kofi’s Café is coming to the island. There should be a lot more information in October, when a special Animal Crossing Direct is planned.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are finally getting new content. As Nintendo confirmed in the current Direct edition, an update for the life simulation for Nintendo Switch is planned for November 2021. A first preview of the update is already available: With the update, Kofis Café returns to the Animal Crossing series. It is likely that the pigeon will open its popular café in the museum – at least the trailer for the upcoming update suggests that. Kofi’s Café in the museum also opened in the New Leaf series: as soon as players had the second floor and enough exhibits.

It is conceivable that the opening of Kofi’s Café in Animal Crossing New Horizons will be accompanied by a similar requirement. The café should once again become a meeting point that provides the islanders with delicious coffee. It remains to be seen whether players in New Horizons will also be able to work in the café themselves.

In New Leaf this was possible after several visits: players could earn one or the other Sterni with it. In October, Nintendo plans to provide more information about the upcoming Animal Crossing update. Then a special direct episode for life simulation will be broadcast for Nintendo Switch. So fans will soon find out where Kofi’s Café is being built – and whether there might be any more new content for New Horizons.

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