An update was installed on the servers of the Crossout online action game.

A few days ago, the update 0.12.70 was installed on the servers of the online action game Crossout, along with the release of which the start of the new season took place, accompanied by another combat pass. This patch is called “Guiding Star”, and in order to tell more about its plot component, the studio Targem Games and the company Gaijin Entertainment have prepared a small animated trailer.

The main character of the video is a seeker named Ochre from the Order of the Fallen Star, whose mission is to find information about the mysterious force behind the attacks of the Reavers on the Rabid, Scavengers and Wanderers. By the way, the video also mentions the location “Ship Graveyard”, just reworked from a visual point of view.

In the game itself, Operation Godzu is currently taking place, this limited-time mode is available until July 8 and is a PvE battle that affects the events of the current update. The battleground was a special map – “Deserted City”.


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