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An update for outsiders led to the establishment of contacts.

A very recent update for Outriders has resulted in region-based contacts to improve connections, as well as several other updates.

The highlights of this update are as follows:

  • Implemented a block that prevents players from kicking other players at the end of an expedition session.
  • Implemented regional mapping to improve the quality of multi-user connections.
  • Updated the login text to better reflect the current step of the login process.
  • Fixed issues with crashes and memory leaks.

This partner matching update will hopefully solve your connection issues if you encounter them while playing or boosting Outriders. The rest of the update is about progress in solving known issues, in addition to testing the drop rate changes to ” make them less unpleasant.”In addition, people can fly by noting that they are working on a version of the Stadia game with planned fixes and stability updates. Buffs are also tested and will be transferred as soon as the team receives additional information.
Also, if you play on a PC and own an RTX card, you can take advantage of the DLSS implementation.. At the end of last month, the People Can Fly team mapped out the balance and discussed what would happen next. They noted,

“As for further balancing, we first want to see how things shake out in regards to our latest patch, as damage reduction issues or faulty mods can push the meta in certain directions… not because anything is unbalanced, but because players may not have found certain aspects of the game reliable enough to use consistently. And yes, we would like to focus primarily on buffs, not nerfs.”

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