An expansion for Black Desert Mobile has been announced.

Most recently, the Grand Desert expansion for Black Desert Mobile was announced, but not only that, but also news about the anniversary event and much more.

Players will be able to explore mysterious temples and unravel treasures in order to learn more about the Black spirit, which is known to live in the desert. The great expansion of the desert will also bring new rewards and corresponding quests for you. But the date of this quest is not yet known.

And as mentioned above, it became known that the anniversary event will be held in one year. To celebrate the anniversary of Black Desert Mobile on December 8, a special in-game event Black Spirit Complete Guide will be held. For a limited time, this event will give players special quests to quickly level up and unlock endgame content. In addition, the crystal of dimensions is a new impulse of defense and attack. It can only be created in the alchemy workshop, giving players a new form of character progression. Crews will allow players to transport more goods. Also, a new SS rank is available for trading, allowing players to get more resources in a single pass.

Also, a user care system is being brought back, which allows returning Black Desert mobile players to enjoy new content more easily. This quest line helps players reach higher levels faster and is tied to silver rewards.

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