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An Alpha patch has been released into the wild.

Star Citizen 3.13.0 has released an Alpha patch into the wild. Bringing a few new features into the mix. There are also many well-known issues to look out for. Here’s what’s new in this latest update. Alpha 3.13.0 introduces several new features, including visual hull degradation, ship name and serial numbers, ship-to-ship v1 docking, reputation – UI implementation, object push and pull, and T0 mounted gun aiming.

Also, a bunch of features also received updates, including character customization, cave – drive-in and funnel entrances, new asteroids, non-commercial overlays of the oil refinery premises, polishing the Stanton system, assembling the Degnous root, as well as a number of gameplay updates.

Ships and vehicles, weapons and items, as well as basic technologies were also considered. A bunch of bugs were crushed including:

  • Fixed a lot of asteroids and rocks in areas inside and outside of Grim Hex where players could pass through them and get stuck.
  • A fixed low gravity that occurred inside some underground structures.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause large moving polygon spikes around Hurston.
  • VOIP audio no longer needs to be significantly quiet and difficult to distinguish in the mix, both for contactless chat and party channels.

Some known issues include:

  • Abnormally long delay between the fps mineables/harvestables/items pick-up storage.
  • The client may fail when loading a second player to the server in Arena Commander.
  • Unable to refuel or rearm in New Babbage, the services claim they are unavailable.

Elsewhere in the Star Citizen universe, an all-digital CitizenCon was announced on October 9. And recently, Star Citizen transferred more than $ 350 million raised in crowdfunding.

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