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Among other things in System Redux.

Among other things, in System Redux, remaster Observer, there will be as many as three new missions — “Intermittent signal”, “Its terrible symmetry” and “Apple from the Apple tree”. IGN posted a video showing two tasks. The game’s composer Arkadiusz Reikowski comments on the gameplay.

The Bloober Team describes fresh quests like this:

“Intermittent signal”. While exploring the building, the protagonist Dan Lazarski receives a mysterious message — someone asks Dan for help. If he responds to the call, he will find out that someone in the slums of Krakow is engaged in human trafficking.
“Its terrible symmetry.” Lazarski finds a sort of altar that someone had dedicated to his sweetheart. The message of the admirer mentions a woman with whom he wants to be together. Sensing something is wrong, Dan decides to check whether one of the inhabitants of the house is bothered by an annoying Stalker.
“An Apple from an Apple tree”. Lazarski discovers the key to one of the apartments. According to the email that can be read on Doc’s tattoo artist’s computer, this is the key to the home of a certain Stanley Tkachik- he buys prohibited substances from Doc. What led Mr. Tkachik to the famous tattoo artist and how does Stanley’s story relate to the Doc case?
The new missions explore classic cyberpunk themes — unfair working conditions, corporate control over the smallest aspects of life, and the power of imperfect technology. Not without eternal themes — family duty, grief, loneliness, and so on.

In addition, the Bloober Team paid attention to Janus the cleaner. Dan talks to him a lot, so the Studio created a better model for Janus and a new set of animations. The janitor’s office was redesigned to make it seem more cozy, even if creepy.

Recall that System Redux also boasts General graphical improvements, such as 4K textures, ray tracing, and global lighting. You can also take a look at the prettier picture in this video.

Observer: System Redux will visit PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X/S on November 10, and PlayStation 5 on November 12. A demo of the reissue is available in the Valve service.

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