Amazon is heavily censoring and changing Lost Ark in the west

Amazon is heavily censoring and changing Lost Ark in the west

Lost Ark is a South Korean MMORPG set to be released in Europe and North America in 2022. A YouTuber shows in a video that Amazon is optically adapting the game to the West. The female characters have more modest clothing, and many characters are darker than in the versions for South Korea and Russia. Cut scenes were also missing.

What are the changes that the video shows? The female characters in the character creation feature significantly less skin in their standard selection than in the versions for Russia and South Korea. Some characters who are light skin tone in the other versions are dark skin tone in the western version. In addition, certain cutscenes are said to be missing that you play yourself freely when you establish an intimate relationship with some NPCs.

What about the cut scenes? Lost Ark has an “Affinity” system. You can build relationships with certain characters over time. When you reach the highest level, you unlock a cut scene – it’s like going on a date with them. According to the YouTuber, these scenes are missing from our version of Lost Ark or are significantly censored.

Amazon Says: Original outfits are still in the game

What does Amazon say about it? Amazon already commented on the outfits a few days ago. A statement said: “The original outfits have not been removed, but they are no longer in the foreground, and additional options for players have been added.” There is still no statement on the other two changes.

Missing cut scenes are hotly debated

What’s the reaction? Obviously hardly anyone has a problem with the fact that some figures are now black. Although one criticizes the fact that it was made a bit simple – it would be better if the facial features had been adjusted instead of just the skin color.

The tricky point for some players is that cutscenes and thus content have been cut out of our version of the game. One would like a clear announcement from Amazon. At the moment there is still hope that the cutscenes were only missing in the beta, but will be added in the release.

Discussions about the change in the forum already has almost 200 comments. It shows that it is a sensitive topic that moves some people very much, because any interference in a game is forbidden for “political reasons”. But others say: They didn’t bother such visual changes at all, they believe Amazon should adapt the game to the players’ wishes.

What do you think about such news? Are you waiting for the release of Lost Ark and while playing Black Desert or New World?

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