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Amazon has taken up the redesign and improvement of the game New World.

So, after the postponement of the release date of New World to August 31, 2021 ¬†Amazon began to rework and improve the game. Many of the game’s mechanics have been reworked, including the system for collecting and creating items. Both of these activities are an important component of successful survival in the world of Aeternum. From the very beginning of the game in New World, crafting and collecting resources are present in the life of any player and have a tangible impact on the development of the character. By creating food, weapons and equipment, you can become a good merchant and earn a fortune in the city markets. The developers have tried to make collecting and crafting interesting for both beginners and veterans of the game.

On the vast island of Aeternum there is a huge amount of resources. From the most common copper and iron to mystical and rare resources. And all of them are needed to create equipment and consumables.

What has changed in crafting:

The crafting interface has completely changed compared to what was presented on the PTA. Since November 2020, the developers have made visual improvements and tried to make the item creation window convenient for the player. In addition, the interface and sorting of resources in the storage have been redesigned. In order to improve the performance of the created items, additional resources and materials were added, and the number of items available for use in crafting also increased. Collecting resources has become convenient, as the materials needed to craft a particular item can now be found in locations that correspond to the level of the item being created.

Skinning and Logging skills have been reworked. Now, thanks to their pumping, the player can get materials from a larger type of animals and a larger type of trees, respectively. At the same time, the chests now contain only those resources that can not be collected anywhere else in the world. In early versions of New World, you could see corn or carrots in a container, but now such times are over. Thanks to this, this resource has become more valuable. By the way, each material now displays its rarity, so now you can always see if you have found a valuable resource.

So far, these changes are only part of the alpha testing. So at the time of the release of the game and even the start of the closed beta testing, everything will still be changed. Closed beta testing will start on July 20, 2021.

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