Amazon Games postponed the release of the game to September 28, 2021.

Well, the development team continues to introduce New World fans to various stories of the Aeternum world, which allow them to learn about the creatures inhabiting these lands. This time we will get acquainted with the Ancients.

Aeternum locations are covered with ruins left by a great civilization. In a new video, the outstanding historian William Herron talks about the secrets of the Ancients. It is not yet known where they came from. The ancients used the power of Nitrogen to support their technologies, as well as prolong life. However, something led to the fact that this civilization is almost extinct.

The official launch of New World was supposed to take place on August 31, but after closed beta testing, Amazon Games studio postponed the release of the game to September 28, 2021. The developers will spend an additional month fixing various problems, improving stability and other improvements.

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