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Amazon Games has prepared a cycle of “Fairy Tales of Aeturnum”.

So, New World fans will have to wait a little longer for the official release of the game. But this time, the Amazon Games studio offers to brighten up for a new series of videos dedicated to the world of Aeturnum.

The developers have prepared a cycle of ” Tales of Aeturnum”, in which they will talk about different families of NPCs encountered along the way of players. The first video is called “Evil Earth”. You will learn the story of Marsh Walker Afolabi.

Let me remind you that the launch of New World was supposed to take place on August 31, but the developers decided to postpone the release to September 28, 2021. After the closed beta testing, the Amazon Games team realized that it needed a little more time to fix bugs, improve stability, and polish some aspects of the game.

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