Recently  we’ve learned about Invasions and Territory Wars in New World. Now it’s time to dive into Arenas and how they’ll work in Amazon Game Studios’ upcoming 17th century survival MMORPG. According to the latest dev blog, first, players will need to complete a set of tasks. Only after that they can gain access to these challenging PvE instances.

“On your adventures and trials in Aeternum, you’ll stumble upon mysterious and timeworn structures. Clearly constructs of the Ancients, the true purpose of these Arenas has been lost to time. Through unknown magic and ritual, the Ancients were able to bend the laws of Aeternum and bind some of its most powerful denizens within these structures. Even the daunting challenge of finding the proper Key to access these Arenas pales when compared to the martial trials that await any group of adventurers who dare to enter.”

Once they enter the Arena, players will race against the clock. Everything to defeat one of the most powerful creatures in the game, the Spriggan.
“Born of the land, it is a primal expression of the power of Azoth. Don’t be fooled into thinking its gnarled limbs are stiff or its movement limited,” writes the devs. “This champion of the Angry Earth is as swift as it is deadly. Overcoming this foe will reward you greatly but it is no small task.”

Once they defeat the Spriggan within the allotted time,  players will get high quality gear. Some of the most powerful legendary equipment in the game will occasionally drop. If you fail to defeat the Spriggan within the time limit or if your party gets wiped, you and your party will be teleported outside. There you get the chance to hunt for another key.

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